“Hayward’s must-read romance is a heart-stopping page turner with an intriguing, jaw-dropping twist.” Romantic Times Magazine – Reviewer’s Choice Best Book Award Winner 2014 – Harlequin Presents 

“The Magnate’s Manifesto by Jennifer Hayward is definitely one of the best Presents I have read this year. A must-read for every Presents lover.” Harlequin Junkie Top Picks of 2014 

“This is the first book I’ve read by Jennifer Hayward, but it won’t be the last. You will instantly love Bailey. She has literally built herself from the ground up, and is such a strong and believable character, that you will absolutely fall in love with her.” The Reading Cafe

The Magnate’s Manifesto was an engrossing chemistry-filled scandalous read from beginning to end.” Joyfully Reviewed Recommended Read

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     Romantic Times Magazine Reviewer’s Choice Award Winner for 2014 – Harlequin Presents; The Reading Frenzy Best Novels of 2014 pick; Harlequin Junkie Top Pick For 2014; Joyfully Reviewed Best Romance in 2014



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From the keyboard of Jared Stone to his wingmen.. or was that the entire female population?

My Manifesto on Women

Having dated and worked with a cross-section of women from around the globe, and having reached the age where I feel I can make a definitive opinion on the subject matter, I have come to a conclusion. Women lie.

They say they want to be equals in the boardroom, when in reality nothing has changed over the past fifty years. Despite all their pleas to the contrary, despite their outrage at the limits the ‘so called’ glass ceiling puts on them, they don’t really want to be hammering out a deal, and they don’t want to be orchestrating a merger.  They want to be home in the house we provide, living the lifestyle to which they’ve become accustomed. They want a man who will take care of them, who gives them a hot night between the sheets and diamond jewellery at appropriate intervals. Who will prevent them from drifting aimlessly through life without a compass…

So without further ado, in an attempt to do a favour to the male population, here are my Rules on Women:

Rule #1 – All women are crazy. And by that I mean they think in a completely foreign way from us that might as well come from another planet. You need to find the least crazy one you can live with. If you elect to settle down, which I’m not advocating, mind you.

Rule #2 – Every woman wants a ring on her finger and the white picket fence. No matter what she says. Not a bad thing for the state of the nuclear family or for you if you’re already on that trajectory. But for God’s sake know what you’re getting yourself into.

Rule #3 – Every woman wants a lion in the bedroom. She wants to be dominated. She wants you to be in complete control. She doesn’t want you to   listen to her ‘needs’. So stop making that mistake. Be a man.

Rule #4 – Every woman starts the day with an agenda. A cause, an item to strike off her list, the inescapable conclusion of a campaign she’s been running. It could be a diamond ring, more of your time, your acknowledgement that you will indeed agree to meet her mother… Whatever it is, take it from me, just say yes or say goodbye. And know that saying goodbye might be a whole hell of a lot cheaper in the long run.

And the rules don’t stop there…

Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.